Most Motivational Movies To Inspire Children

There is no denying fact that 2020 has been a stressful year for everyone. Thanks to companies like AHA media, who have come up with OTT platforms to watch many Latest movies online. Time and again, they have released films on these apps, through which it was easier for people to spend quality time with their family. Read through this article to know about the movie, following which you can watch it.

Android Kattappa

Android Kattappa is a dubbed movie in Telugu of Android Kunjappan Version 5.25. The film is directed and written by RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval and produced by Santosh T. Kuruvilla. Bijibal gives the music, and in the main leads, SurajVenjaramoodu and SoubinShahir are there. The cinematography is by Sanu Varghese and edited by SaijuSreedharan. The production company is by Moonshot Entertainments and distributed by Maxlab Cinemas and Entertainments. The budget was Rs 3 crores, and it did a box office business of Rs 18 to 24 crores.


The comedy-drama film was a Malayalam-language movie, which was further dubbed into Telugu. It received a positive critical response and is counted among one of the commercially successful films of the year. The film has won three Kerala State Film Awards, and one is the best actor award for Suraj.

A stubborn older man, BhaskaraPoduval, and his son Chubban, Subramanian, is residing in Payyanur. Chubban is an electrical engineer, and because of his father’s fear, he was forced to leave any job he got. One day, Chubban gets frustrated and plans to go to Russia as he got an offer from a Japanese firm. There, he meets a Hitomi, whose father is Malayali and mother is Japanese. They got close to each other, and Hitomi discloses how she lost her father to Alzheimer’s. Then, she introduces to the robotic house that took care of her father.

He also has appointed a nurse at his home to take care of his father. One day he gets a call from one of his cousins that the nurse he has appointed to look after his nurse is not good. That’s why he should return, and by hearing this, Chubban was feeling bad. His boss tells him not to leave this opportunity, but he was missing his father. At last, he left the job and came back home. The film shows the relation between the nurse, Kunjappan and Poduval. After a certain time, the nurse or the robot becomes irreplaceably close to his father’s heart. But Chubban was nervous and unhappy as he has heard that a robot developed by his company had killed a man previously.

One day, Poduval decided to leave home with Kunjappan, and he goes by the forest side. After some time, one of the Kunjappan enemies tries to kill him, and his head was stolen. In this way, Kunjappan tried killing Chubban, but Poduval saved him. It is one of the Telugu movies online that has a beautiful ending. It is in Chubban bike Poduval is sitting and calling him Kunjappan.