iPhone 15 Rumors – Which colors will be available?

The iPhone users are swayed by a variety of appealing iPhone 15 colors. The Barbie pink iPhone has captured the attention of people on Twitter.

The iPhone 15 is expected to eliminate the Lightning port and instead adopt the USB-C standard. The change is a consequence of the changes to EU regulations on charging.

Launching Date

In a report from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to unveil its iPhone 15 on either September 13 or 12, and launch it one week later. This is in line with past iPhone release dates and also the standard date for iphone 15 when new iPhones are released.

Some significant changes are anticipated, such as a brand new colour and upgraded cameras on the Pro models. There are rumors that suggest the model dubbed ‘Pro Max’ might get a camera with periscopic capabilities that can provide six times the zoom.

The Pro models will likely to keep that 120-Hz refresh rate that was introduced by the iPhone 13 Pro. Additionally, the Pro Max’ model could have one physical button that has tactile feedback that will be able to perform multiple functions, including the ability to mute, accessibility such as flashlight activation, focus mode, as well as opening apps. The button can also function as a power button that will allow fast charging. Note that the iPhone 15 will no longer feature its Lightning connector. It is instead replaced by the USB-C connector.

Technology Update

Some notable technology updates are anticipated in the iPhone 15. Based on rumors, the Pro as well as Max/Ultra versions are expected to change to Lightning and USB-C port. The change is believed to be necessary in order to conform with EU laws, however Apple might also want for ways to cut costs on components.

Additionally, the reports suggest that all iPhone 15 models will retain the 120 Hz refresh speed. Apple is said to be tweaking the display driver chip in order to be more efficient in energy use and will result in an increase in battery life.

As for other modifications an unreleased CAD model indicates that the mute button may be replaced with one multi-use Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. The button is programmable and can perform a variety of actions like using accessibility features, switching the audio mode, opening the camera application or activating the flashlight or activating the concentration mode and performing shortcuts. The phone could come with a periscopic lens which can provide the possibility of up to six times the optical zoom.


If you’re trying to cut costs and hold off until when the iPhone 15 series is launched in September, you may have the opportunity to purchase an older model at a retailer or a service provider. Apple is known to pull off old models when it announces new models which is why you may find an affordable price.

However there’s a good chance that you’ll be paying more for a Pro or Max model this year. According to reports that the phones will have an upgraded chip, better cameras (including the latest telephoto lens for Pro Max) Pro Max), and titanium designs with Frosted glass.

Furthermore What’s more, a Barclays analyst has suggested that these phones could be between $100 and $200 higher than the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max, respectively. Based on data that he has obtained from companies that supply chain located in Asia. If the report proves to be the case this could mean an enormous blow to the sales of Apple.