5 Rules for Having Casual Sex in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of 5 million people and some amazingly beautiful people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, man, gay, or straight. There’s something for everyone if casual sex is on your mind. Read more on the subject on this link.

If you’re traveling there solo, or with a partner that is also consent to have some fun this way, then you should know what you should be expecting.

In this article, we’ll tell you the five Costa Rican rules of having casual sex and get away with it without consequences. Follow up if you want to know what they are!

1. Look for a partner at night

Even though people feel free to show their skin during the day on the many sandy beaches, it’s better to pick up sex guys and girls during the evening. The night parties are proven to be a better field for this action.

There’s no wrong to try it during the day, but if you want to have more success, the experts suggest doing this on the many parties in clubs and discotheques. People are easy-going, but not all of them speak English. If you can understand each other, then explain your situation and why you are there. This is much better than telling lies.

2. Be careful when drinking and seducing

There are lots of cases in which people who have casual sex end up in jail. The reason for this is that one of the partners accuse the other one of rape. Learn more about the laws in Costa Rica on the link: http://ticotimes.com/costa-rica/drinking-age-drivin-fine.

Drinking too much might cause a blur and make you feel that you had consent, but you actually end up raping the other person. A lot of alcohol can cause people to be unable to explain that they’re not into what you’re trying to do. So, always make sure that the other person is aware of what’s happening. Don’t start serious actions unless you’re on the same page with the other person.

3. Leave technology aside

Even though lots of people’s fetish is recording and seeing how the sex went, this is not the time to practice it. Leave your smartphone aside and make sure the other person does it too.

Having a recording of your actions that night might put both of you in a very tricky situation later. Casual sex is often done with someone you don’t know too well, so you should put the trust issues aside and do what you came for. You don’t what the other person might do with the video, so there’s no need for it.

4. Choose a cool place for the action

The first thing you need to know that sex in public is illegal in Costa Rica. With it, it’s best to find a place where you’ll have fun without anyone interrupting you or fear of getting caught and get a fine for it.

What you should do is find a nice hotel where this will be done. There are a couple of hotels that are legendary in this country and are known for their welcoming casual sex couples. For example, there’s the famous brothel Del Ray, which used to be an icon in the past.

5. Ask before you act

You, just like everyone else, have certain fetishes or preferences in the act of sex. Sometimes we feel incomplete if these things are not a part of the menu. However, you must understand that not everyone is happy to do the same things as we are.

For example, anal. Not everyone’s a fan. Others simply love it. If you want to practice something like this on your first date, make sure you ask if that’s okay. Be sure that you get consent because otherwise it would be considered rape.

5 Rules for Having Casual Sex in Costa Rica


Follow these few rules and you’ll be a happy person in Costa Rica. Make sure you respect the other person and make sure you also have fun. Wear protection, stay out of the public eyes, and you’ll spend some amazing time in having casual sex with a person who’s thousands of miles away from your living location.